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All transformers listed above are applicable to the application profile choosen. Should you require recommendations on a particular HPS transformer, please contact a HPS sales associate.

For more information:
Canada: 1-888-798-8882 - U.S.A.: 1-866-705-4684
Email: sales@hammondpowersolutions.com
  • Calculations are based on a K-factor of 1.
  • It is assumed all transformers have the same load profile in each application.
  • As a partner in the NEMA Premium® Transformer Program, HPS has determined that HPS SuperSentinel, HPS SuperSynergy, and HPS SuperCenturion meets the NEMA Premium® Efficiency specifications for premium efficiency.
  • Load Loss is based at 75°C.
  • Base level no load core losses for any non-operating days have been included in comparison calculations.
  • Non DOE/C802.2 data is based on a 150°C temperature rise, three phase, copper transformers.
  • Calculatuions only include energy cost directly attributable to the transformers.

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